Your IAM solution, delivered!


Cloud ready, easy to use, Identity and Access management solution

Idyntity is light weight, cloud ready, Identity and Access Request Management tool that is easy to use and preferred by hundreds of users and IT staff.

Simplicity at its best!


Idyntity Features

Idyntity has many built-in features, here is a list of some of the most amazing features.

Auto Provisioning

Provide timely access using ready to use auto-user provisioning, de-provisioning workflows that can manage all aspects of user lifecycle.

Boast Productivity

Streamline user access, and user account managment with a ready to use solution.

Built in Segregation of Duties

Prevent fraud by using easy to configure SOD engine.

Easy to use Interface

Build for ease of use in mind. Remove complexity, improve productivity.

 Sync Platform

Your users, your apps,synchronized

Manage the lifecycle of your user accounts from any source to any target system.


Sync Platform Features

As a middle-ware, Sync does all the heavy lifting


Enable filteration and only bring in the data that you need.


React to the data as it passes from source to target. Want to change something on the fly – no problem!

Visual Mapping

Map data visually – from any source to any target.


Connect to any source, and target api, synchronize users as per your need.

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